Dispute Settlement

  • Legal analysis of conflict situations, development of the strategy and legal position of the client, evaluation of potential risks and litigation prospects
  • Pre-trial work, participation in negotiations and conciliatory procedures, preparation of relevant documents (claims, counterclaims, dispute settlement agreements etc.), collection of evidence
  • Drawing up the law suits, petitions, motions and other documents of procedure
  • Representation in international arbitration tribunals and ad hoc tribunals
  • Support in the mandatory execution of court resolutions


  • advising on all bankruptcy issues
  • representing the debtor in courts on all stages of the bankruptcy procedure, objecting to the creditor's claims, preparing statements of disagreement
  • advising on the liability of the debtor's CEO and shareholders, representing the clients in disputes involving the subsidiary liability
  • representing the creditor, participating in the creditors meetings, preparing and submitting creditor's claims in order to be included in the creditors' register; appeal of the crisis manager actions (inaction)
  • declaring the invalidity of the debtor's transactions

Intellectual Property

  • Drafting and reviewing contracts related to the intellectual property (licenses, copyright, franchising, software development and other)
  • Advice on issues of use of the intellectual property objects, protection of the intellectual property rights on the Internet
  • Protection of intellectual property. Representation in Patent Board of Appeal and Intellectual Property Judicial Board. Entering trademarks in the Customs Register of intellectual property. Counteraction for unfair competition

Tax Advisory Services

  • Profit tax optimization in business activities in Belarus and abroad, international taxation issues and tax planning, application of double tax treaties
  • Advice on indirect taxes and customs payment during cross-border operations, transfer pricing consulting
  • Assistance in settlement of tax disputes
  • Preparation of tax returns

Corporate Law

  • Formation, reorganization and liquidation of commercial legal entities, opening and terminating the activities of representative offices of foreign organizations
  • Exit and entrance of participants in limited liability companies, additional share issuances in joint-stock companies
  • Sales of interests and shares transactions
  • Documentary support and organization of general meetings of participants/shareholders of commercial entities

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Legal support of transactions to buy business, drafting the purchase-sale agreement and other legal documents associated with the transaction
  • Due diligence of the target before the purchase, discovery of legal risks and recommendations on their mitigation
  • Tax structuring of the transaction
  • Negotiations on the client’s behalf with the other party to the transaction

Investor Services

  • The choice of the optimum form of presence in Belarus
  • Representing the client’s interests in the negotiations with the government authorities
  • Formation of legal entities and support of their business activities, advice on taxation optimization of business in Belarus

Labor law

  • Drafting labor agreements and contracts, advice on their conclusion and termination, with top management, during reorganizations or after sale of business
  • Advice on the personnel reduction issues, changes of substantial labor terms of employees
  • Consulting on the type of remunerations and bonuses for the employees
  • Analysis of the state of the personnel documentation, and bringing it in compliance with the legal requirements
  • Legal support of hiring foreign personnel in Belarus, consulting on migrant labor issues
  • Advice on the out-of-court resolution of the arising labor conflicts